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What is stopping you from actualizing your dream? We will connect
you to people willing to help you.

What sort of help can you request for?

Through the HelpSquare program, we will connect you to different types of support network to help you make progress with your business or project.

Request for volunteers

Request for volunteers

Don't try to do everything alone. There are people who will be willing to support you in one way or the other. You can request for volunteers.

Request for funding

Request for funding

Need a loan, donation or an investment? Make your request and get connected to people willing to help.

Request for land & landed properties

Request for land & landed properties

Don't stop your project or business because you don't have access to land. Make a request. Someone could help.

Request for tools & equipment

Request for tools & equipment

Lack of tools is no longer an excuse. You can request for an equipment lease, or even co-ownership and find people willing to support.

Request for marketing/Advertising support

Request for marketing/Advertising support

Need a retweet? or an introduction to a potential customer? or some other marketing/advertisement support? Ask for it.

Request for office space, workspace or factory space

Request for office space, workspace or factory space

I don't have office/work/factory space is no longer an excuse. Ask and get connected to people willing to help.

Request for mentorship

Request for mentorship

It doesn't pay to take uninformed decisions and make huge mistakes. Request for a mentor to guide and support you.

How do I go about asking for help?


Create your business or project profile

You can only request for help on an existing business or project, so you need to create a profile for that business or project that you need help with. People are more attracted to help businesses and projects with good profiles.

You can only create a business/project profile after you have signed-up on SAEDConnect

To create a profile for your business, Select "My Businesses" from your dashboard menu and add a new business

To create a profile for your project, Select "My Projects" from your dashboard menu and add a new project


Make your request

After you have created your business/project profile, you will see an option to make a request on the business/project page. Select the type of help you need and complete the request for help form. Your request will be published to our community to find potential helpers.

You can request for volunteers, funding, land & landed properties, tools & equipment, marketing/Advertising support, office space, workspace or factory space, or mentorship

The clearer your help request, the easier it is for people to contact you to help.


Helpers will contact you

Organisations & individuals who are interested in your business or project will then reach out to you and step up conversations.

We do our best to go out and find helpers for genuine requests on our platform

Once in a while, we create special help/support programs which you can directly apply to after you have made a help request. We will send information about these programs to you when they are available.


Potential helpers will want to know what you are doing to see if their passion and skills and resources will be a good fit for you. This is why you need to create your business/project profile first. A comprehensive business/project profile signals that you are serious and will attract better quality helpers to you.

You can make as many help requests as you may require. However, it is advisable to think thoroughly and make clear and high priority help requests so that helpers can take you more seriously.

There is no restriction to the type of business or project for which you may request a help for – as long as the business or project is ethical.

SAEDConnect can facilitate a pairing between a business/project owner and a potential helper, but does not interfere in the relationships created as a result of the pairing or in the interaction between them.

Don’t hold back your progress

Find the help you need to take your business/project to the next level