SAEDConnect In Partnership
with the NYSC

What do you want to learn?

Make a training request and let different trainers reach out to you.

How it works

Requesting a Training is straightforward

Step 1

Sign up on SAEDConnect.

You must have an account on SAEDConnect to be able to request for a training. Signing up is free. If you already have an account, login, to make a training request.

Step 2

Create your Training Request

On your dashboard, under the "My Requests" Menu, select the "Training Request" option and create a new training request. Don't forget to publish your request, so it can become visible to trainers nationwide. 

Step 3

Receive offers from Trainers

As soon as your training request is approved and go live, trainers in the location will be able to see your training request and contact you directly. 

Step 4

Sort & Select your preferred trainer

Review the offers sent by trainers. Using the application manager, you will be able to mark a trainer application for review or reject an application you don't like. Reach out to the trainer(s) that you like, negotiate and start your training.