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with the NYSC

Offer your Youth
Development Services

We promote individuals, service providers and consultants who offer expert help and support
to young people to achieve career & entrepreneruship excellence.

Providers of Career Support & Educational consultancy services

  • Career Counselling
  • CV & Cover Letter writing
  • Job Search Coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • School Overseas services
  • MBA/MSc Prep

Providers of Entrepreneurship & Business Support Services

  • Incubators & accelerators
  • Shared Workspace
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Legal Support
  • Business Counselling
  • Business Branding & Communication
  • Technical Support in specific business areas

Trainers, Workshop & Seminar Providers

  • Entrepreneurship Trainers
  • Certification Exam Trainers
  • Vocational Skill Trainers
  • Professional Skills Trainers
  • Technology Skills Trainers

Other growth & development institutions & service providers

  • Professional Institutions
  • Testing Platforms & Certification examination providers
  • Any other support service that might be useful to a young person in the discovery and growth phase of their career/entrepreneurship journey.

How we support

We know that young people will require experts like you to make informed decisions on their growth & development journey, so we do our best to make it easy for them to find you through various channels

Easy Discover

Easy Discover

We feature a link to empowerment service providers on the SAEDConnect home page

Online Communities

Online Communities

We promote featured empowerment service providers across our numerous online communities

Offline Events

Offline Events

We promote featured empowerment service providers across our direct & partner driven offline events



We feature empowerment service providers in our periodic email newsletters across our community

Position your self/company to get patronage

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Signing up on SAED Connect is straightforward. You can sign up as a company or individual.

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This shows up in the service provider directory. If you are a company, complete your company profile. If you are an individual, complete your education, experience, skills & capability profile. Make sure you tag your profile under the relevant youth empowerment categories across all profiles. Don’t forget to make your profile public when complete.

Complete your trainer Profile

  • If you train, make sure to complete your trainer profile so you can show up in the trainer’s directory. Don’t forget to make your profile public when complete.

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