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Entrepreneurs grapple with the challenge of raising funds. Investors on the other hand are seeking promising businesses to support but are often not convinced of the profitability and sustainability of most businesses. The Ventures Directory helps profile your business in a manner that assures and attracts serious investors, collaborators & customers and gives you access to the much-needed partnership for your growth.

Get discovered by investors, collaborators & customers looking for businesses like yours

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The SAEDConnect ventures directory connects entrepreneurs creating innovative and
scalable businesses with the knowledge, network and funding they require to succeed.

Use a structured framework to present your business in a standardized manner that attracts partners.

Get help to boost your business profile & develop winning pitches

Receive contact requests directly from investors, collaborators & customers looking for businesses like yours

Enjoy one-click-application for entrepreneurship programs, competitions and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can list as many businesses as you have on the ventures directory

Yes, it is free to list on the business directory

There are different profiles to fill – the basic profile with general information about your business, your business pitch, where you get to sell your businesses to potential investors, collaborators & customers, your team details and your business performance information (necessary to help investors & collaborators make decisions).

No. Only the general information & business pitch will be easily accessible by everyone. Only investors, collaborators & customers you are interested in, or whose programs you apply for, will be able to see the full information about your business.

We advise all business owners not to include any proprietary business information as part of their application.

This means that you will not have to complete bulky forms when applying for entrepreneurship programs that require business applications.