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Earn extra income on your free time by completing micro tasks from wherever you are.

What type of tasks are we talking about here?

We only publish safe, strightforward and ethical tasks, and you only get to do the tasks you are interested in and make money for yourself. Example tasks include:

Collecting Data

Distributing flyers

Posting/Share information on Social Media

Evaluate a product and providing feedback

Test a software & provide feedback

How does it work?

Earning money through the SAEDConnect mobile workforce program is easy

Create your SAEDConnect Account and create your mobile workforce profile on your dashboard.

Join the SAEDConnect Mobile workforce telegram channel ( Need Help with Telegram? (What is Telgram? How to install Telegram. How to Join a Telegram Channel)

New tasks will be posted on your mobile workforce dashboard. You will also be notified via email and on the telegram channel.

Accept a task and complete it according to instruction

Submit the task and get paid

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everybody can be part of the mobile workforce. However, we may verify some of your information so that we can send you appropriate tasks to complete.

We will post new tasks on your mobile workforce dashboard. We will also notify you on the telegram channel and send you emails as well.

All instructions about what you are to complete and how to submit a task will be contained in the task information page.

There is no fixed price for every task. Information on how much you will be paid will be contained in the task information page for every task.

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