SAEDConnect In Partnership
with the NYSC

Extend your product distribution network

Reach new markets with your products when you offer micro-franchises or micro distribution programs

How it works


Uzoma sells top-quality packaged crayfish but only sells it around Onitsha.


He creates a distributor program with SAEDConnect and we connect him to young people willing to become his product distributors nationwide.


Uzoma Ships his products to selected distributors who sell them in their locality


Uzoma’s business expands, and the young local distributors earn legitimate income for themselves.

Helping you succeed

Stock loans

Stock loans

We can process stock loans to help interested young people who do not have enough to purchase upfront stock, participate in your program.

Product community

Product community

We create an online distributor community for every distributor program where participating distributors can learn from each other and share ideas for progress.

Create a Distributor Program with us

Let your product go where you can’t reach