SAEDConnect In Partnership
with the NYSC

Connect to hard-to-reach suppliers and sources across the country

Need help finding better sources for a commodity, raw material or input for your business? You will be creating opportunities for young people when you leverage our nationwide SourceGrid network to connect to new, better & cheaper suppliers.

Get a better Deal

The SourceGrid program helps individuals and businesses to source for commodities from hard-to-reach suppliers and sources scattered across the country by harnessing our nationwide network of young leaders to discover and procure the desired commodity from the original sources – cheaper and unsullied.

Harness advantages beyond your boundaries

Source your stock, raw materials and inputs from suppliers in remote locations without leaving where you are, and cut out the middlemen

Get it cheaper

Get it cheaper

Because we cut out the complex chain of middlemen.

Get better quality

Get better quality

Because we try to get it direct from the source, before it becomes adulterated

Source from specific locations

Source from specific locations

If you want it only from Benue, or Sokoto, or Enugu, that’s where we’ll scout for it for you.

Crowd-source from several sources

Crowd-source from several sources

Can’t get enough from one supplier? We can crowd-source what you need from different sources nationwide.

Agro commodity sourcing

The SourceGrid Agro Commodity Sourcing initiative connects wholesaler, retailers and bulk purchasers of Agricultural commodities directly to the farms and other commodity sources through our SourceGrid network.

Tell us what commodity you need (e.g yam, plantain, etc) and the locations where you need them

We mobilize our source grid network to find & procure them from local farms & markets near them.

We deliver your fresh commodity at cheaper prices directly to you.

Art Sourcing

The SourceGrid Art Sourcing Initiative leverages our nationwide network to discover unique pieces of art made by highly talented local artists. Paintings? Pottery? Woodwork? Metal work? Sculpture? Look through our eyes.

Tell us the type of art you want – giving full description

We mobilize our eyes on the ground nationwide to search for you

We share all our findings with you, and connect you to your choice

Need Something else?

Beyond Agro commodity and Art, if you think you can benefit from leveraging our nationwide network of scouts to find a unique product or service, or to cut out exorbitant middle-men costs, talk to us

Tell us what you need