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with the NYSC

Convert your skill/hobby into money

What is that thing you can do very well? There is someone ready to pay you for it.

About the SAEDConnect SkillsMarket

The SAEDConnect SkillsMarket is a platform that enables you showcase your skills to a wide audience nationwide and connect you to people willing to hire and pay you for that skill. All you need to do is highlight your skills and capabilities and we will showcase you to the world, so people looking for your competence for short term & freelance projects can contact you. Cooking? Dancing? Writing? Video Editing? Every skill is welcome.

Sell any skill you have – every skill has value

Attract clients with a great profile & offer pitch. You can even pitch through video.

Zero commission fees. You keep all the money you are paid.

Create a portfolio to increase client confidence

Outline how you will complete a task with the workflow feature

Create multiple price points per offer

Getting people to hire you for
your skill is straightforward.

Step 1

Complete your skills & capability Profile

Your Skills & capability profile showcases what you can do and it will enable project owners easily find and select you when they are looking for people to hire for part-time gigs.

Step 2

Post an Offer

Something like “I will build a 5 page website for you” or “I will manage your social media account for you”, and put a price to it. You can create as many offers as you like – around any skill you have.  People looking for that service will contact you directly.

Step 3

View and Bid for Tasks

You can also check out job requests posted by people looking for the skills, capabilities and services you can offer and submit a bid (or make an offer) to help them. If they like your offer, they will reach out to you.

Step 4

Reach out to contacts, complete task/order and get paid

Reach out to people who contacted you by searching your profile or in response to your offer. Close the deal, complete the task to their satisfaction and get paid.


Individuals and corporates who have one-time tasks or short term projects and they need to hire talent to support them for only that task or project

A wide variety of tasks, projects and jobs are available across multiple categories. Browse all categories and find available tasks, projects and jobs.

You can offer any service you wish as long as it's legal and complies with stated terms. There is a diverse category of services you can browse to get ideas.

Yes, you can. What matters is your ability to deliver great work in time, every time.

No. Creating your skills/capability profile and listing a service offer on the SAEDConnect platform is free.

How much you earning depends on how much work you get and complete. How much work you get depends on how many requests you respond to and how many contacts you get. Getting a client to reach you or buy your service offer depends on how well you package your profile.

You determine how you want to get paid – as part of your negotiation with a potential client.

Ready to earn some extra cash?

Complete your skills & capability Profile and post an offer.