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Complete your personal Information, Education & Experience Profile

Share basic information about yourself like your interests, languages you speak, schools you have attended, previous experiences and accomplishments, etc

Completing your personal profile will enable collaborators, recruiters, employers, and partners get a good understanding of your background and choose to work with you above other people. You will even be able to download your formatted CV, after you complete this profile.

Complete your capability Profile

What skills & capabilities do you have? From communications to fashion design or electrical work to cooking, list out the things you can do, so people looking to hire those services can contact and hire you.Don’t leave any skill out.


Completing your capability profile makes it easy for you to get contacted for full-time, contract and freelance jobs near you, and increases your appeal to recruiters.

Complete your skills profile

What skills do you have? From communications to fashion design or electrical work to cooking, don’t leave any skill out

Completing your skills profile will enable recruiters and employers easily find and select you when they are looking for people to hire for full-time roles or part-time gigs.

Complete your trainer Profile

What can you train on? List them out here, so that any one who wants to learn it can reach you.

Completing your trainer profile enable potential students who are ready to pay for your knowledge to reach you.

Completing your competency profile is easy

There are only 3 simple steps to being discovered by employers,
recruiters and project owners looking to hire you.


Sign-up on SAEDConnect

Create your account on SAEDConnect


Complete your profile

Select each profile page under the “Competency Profile” tab, fill & Submit the forms



Select the “Go-Live” option for each profile type so that it becomes visible and people can start contacting you.

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