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We list and circulate events, programs and initiatives across our various platforms to optimize the chances of our youth audience connecting to it. We are particularly interested in programs that supports mindset re-orientation of young people to take ownership of their future, builds skills and capacity for employability & entrepreneurship, and connects young people to opportunities.

Types of events and opportunities we promote include

Fellowships & Scholarship Opportunities

Workshops & seminars

Competitions, Idea-Labs & Hackathons

Internships & Apprenticeships

Access to market opportunities

Distribution & franchise opportunities

Loans, grants & equity investment programs

Business Incubation & Acceleration Programs

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We can promote your program across our web, email and social media channels to ensure as many people as possible can get access to it.

Get Featured on the Homepage: Be one of four programs featured on our homepage, visited by thousands of young people each day.

Get Featured on the Opportunity Directory Page: Be one of the eight programs highlighted in the Top 2 rows of the opportunity directory

Social media marketing: We will promote you across all our social media channels to increase your reach & engagement.

Opportunity Newsletter: Be one of the programs featured each in our youth opportunity newsletter, sent to a list of nearly 1,000,000 young people in the SAEDConnect youth network bi- month.

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