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About the Writing/Blogging Business

The writing and blogging industry is often overlooked, but many people are making millions of naira from this business annually. Individuals, companies and organisation are looking for smart, talented and savvy writers to pay, to produce written content for their various websites, brochures and company documents. There are many other ways that writers can earn a substantial income; most people set up blogs at little to no cost and start marketing their services on social media and through their private networks. You can earn a good living by writing for private clients as well who need outsourced talent to meet their organisational goals. Another way to earn a significant amount of money is by setting up your own writing and blogging course and marketing it to the masses. Either way, there is a lot of money to be made from writing and blogging. Join the writing/blogging business startup community to meet and learn from mentors and other entrepreneurs doing this business so you can start and grow your own writing/blogging business with ease.

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The Side Hustle Mentor Hub utilizes an innovative model to help you start and grow your xyz business, from anywhere you are. Here is how you can plug in.


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Ask any questions bothering you in the mentor hub. Experts are waiting to hear from you and give you customised answers that meet your need.


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Push your conversation with the experts until you are completely satisfied. Our experts will go to every length within their power to answer your question

What you get

We are going all out to ensure you get all the support & resources you require to start and grow your side hustle

Tap into the wisdom & experience of a lot of mentors

Tap into the wisdom & experience of a lot of mentors

We get a lot of mentors to contribute their expert knowledge as well as their practical experience to each and every topic in the knowledge center, so that you can see that topic from different points of view.

Get customised answers to your questions

Get customised answers to your questions

The experts in the mentor hub will provide answers personalized to your specific questions. You can keep asking questions till you are satisfied, and if you get stuck again, they are always there to help.

Get inspired by your peers

Get inspired by your peers

Meet, learn from & get inspired by other focused peers in the mentor hub. When you are among a company of focused peers, your chances of success increases drastically.

Get access to growth support tools, templates & special opportunities

Get access to growth support tools, templates & special opportunities

We continuously seek out and share tools, resources and programs that would make your journey easier and even negotiate special concessions for members of the mentor Hub.

Meet your Mentors

We are constantly reaching out to the best of the best professionals & experts to help you make progress.

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Where do you go to get expert advice about starting or growing your Writing/Blogging business? The Writing/Blogging mentor hub is the community of Writing/Blogging experts you always wished you could reach out to when you needed some motivation, advice or expert experience.

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  • Tap into the wisdom & experience of a lot of mentors
  • Get customised answers to your questions
  • Get inspired by your peers
  • Get access to growth support tools, templates & special opportunities.
  • Engage with Experts and Mentors until you are satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Writing/Blogging Side Hustle Mentor Hub is an exclusive highly moderated community where you can meet and interact with expert mentors in the Writing/Blogging business who are always available to answer any questions you have as you try to start or grow your own Writing/Blogging business.

Anyone interested in starting or growing a the Writing/Blogging business can join the side hustle Mentor Hub for that business.

Yes. You can access the Writing/Blogging side hustle mentor hub from anywhere you are, as long as you have connectivity to the Internet.

Yes, you can join the side hustle mentor hubs of as many businesses you are interested in.

Yes. If you have a product that can be useful to practitioners of the Writing/Blogging side hustle, there is a "Business Offers and Opportunities" sections in the mentor hubs that allows you list offers and opportunities for members of that mentor hub to see.

Yes. Check in the trainers directory to see all the trainers who can help you if you wish to have a face-to-face training on Writing/Blogging.

When we come across funding ideas that might be of benefit to members of the Writing/Blogging side hustle mentor hub, we will share it with you and give you all the necessary support to apply and get it.