Get Involved with Youth Development – 2

Corporates & Donor Agencies

SAEDConnect gives you unrivalled access to the youth audience, nationwide. With over 1,000,000 youths spread across the country in our database, we are the right partners for your youth focused programs and impact projects.


We are the right partners for your youth focused impact programs. Leverage our resources, network and experience to execute your youth focused impact programs and attain your youth development objectives across Nigeria.

Schools, Youth Institutions & Religious organizations

Leverage our resources, frameworks and network to develop & execute high-impact youth development initiatives for your students and youth audience.

Execute or co-Create a Youth Development Program

We can work with you to develop and/or execute high-impact, win-win youth development initiatives that align with your organizational objectives. Programs could range from workshops & events to funding & business incubation.

Support a Project

We execute change initiatives through streamlined projects and programs. You can lend your expertise, donate, volunteer, etc to any of our ongoing projects.


We welcome donations in cash, skill development tools & equipment, skill centers, airtime, media slots, etc that can boost program success.

Support with Sensitization

You can be our ambassador and help us reach out to more youths who can benefit from our programs and more stakeholders willing to support our mandate.


Your time is valuable. Why not donate your energy and skills to help a great cause. From event support to community volunteering opportunities, helping hands are always appreciated.

Lend your Expertise

Your professional experience and expertise (or that of your team) are an awesome resource for good. Share your knowledge to strengthen programming, expand learning opportunities, and mentor youths.

Share your Story

Share your wisdom and experience of success & failures to inspire and motivate others on their journey.

Let's work together to ensure that every youth has the support they need to realize their potential.

Anne Burdick
Chair, Media Design Practices
Corporate Sponsors

We have built partnerships with companies across industries. Here are some of the partners that make our work possible.

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Director, Annual Giving