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Join the Service Provider Directory

On their journey to entrepreneurship and career excellence, young people may require specialized expertise in crafting their career direction or in supporting a growth/development process on their journey.

We welcome service providers and consultants who offer expert help and support in career and entrepreneurship development.

  • Career Support services: including
    • Career Counselling
    • CV & Cover Letter writing
    • Job Search Coaching
    • Interview preparation
    • , etc.
  • Business Support Services, including:
    • Business Plan Writing Services
    • Startup Legal services
    • Business Counselling
    • Branding Services
    • Expert support in specific business areas
  • Work aborad/School Overseas services
  • Any other support service that might be useful to a young person in the discovery and growth phase of their career/entrepreneurship journey.

 We list service providers in a directory we make available to our database of young people, so they can contact you when they require your service. Our partnership with the National Youth Service Corps means you have access to over 300,000 young people annually, some of which might be looking for service providers like you.

How to List on the Service provider Directory

  • Sign up on SAEDConnect
  • Complete the Mentor/Service provider profile form on the partnerships Section of your dashboard.

How will people who need my service reach me?

We encourage prospective our audience to reach out to service providers they are interested in via WhatsApp, as we find that it’s the easiest medium for them. So ensure you have an active WhatsApp account running. They may also reach you through any of your alternative communication channels.

Is it Free to list on the service provider directory?

Yes, listing on the SAEDConnect service provider directory is free. However, service providers may be required to pay a fee to get verified.

Does Listing on the service provider directory constitute a direct partnership with the NYSC?

No. You will have to complete a partnership request form, available on your partnerships dashboard, to start the process of becoming a NYSC partner.