Get Involved with Youth Development

Deepen your Impact – For Schools & Youth Institutions

As custodians of youth attention, schools and youth institutions play a pivotal role in enabling, scaling and deepening the impact of youth development efforts.

SAEDConnect works with universities, technical schools, vocational training providers, secondary schools, and youth organizations to increase their value proposition to their youth audience.

We can:

  • Support you to build a strategic framework for your youth development efforts,
  • Create specialized programs for your audience or
  • Deploy and activate any of our existing programs to them.

Some of our flagship programs include:

Case Study: Working with the National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria

The NYSC is Nigeria’s mandatory 1-year scheme for all graduates of polytechnics and tertiary institutions, during which they are posted across the breadth of the country to serve in various capacities. With over 350,000 youths passing through the scheme every year, they realized the pivotal position they occupy in contributing to solving the Nigerian unemployment challenge. SAEDConnect built a strategic plan and communications framework for the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) program of the scheme. We are also making available all our programs to the entirety of corps members who pass through the scheme annually.

We must continue to open the doors of opportunity to more young people, who are powerful allies and can be key advocates for sustainable change.

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