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Religious Organizations - Support the Growth of Your Youth Audience

Many youths today run to their religious organisations for succour in the face of career confusion, joblessness and lack of direction. Even if they don't come by themselves, there are still a lot of them in that state.

Your youth audience are the custodians of the future of your movement and proactive religious organisations go one step ahead to craft empowerment initiatives that will enable their youth audience become active supporters of themselves and contributors to their community at large.

SAEDConnect works with religious organizations to craft and execute responsive youth development solutions that empowers their youth audience to become useful to themselves and society. Beneficiaries of such programs inevitably hold such organisations with higher esteem and, often maintain a sense of responsibility to that institution - giving more of their time and energy towards helping others - through the religious organisation that helped them.

We can:

  • Support you to build a strategic framework for your youth development efforts,
  • Create specialized programs for your audience or
  • Deploy and activate any of our existing programs to them.

Some of our flagship programs include:

Your youth audience is your future. Can you add extra value to their lives?

We must continue to open the doors of opportunity to more young people, who are powerful allies and can be key advocates for sustainable change.

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