Get Involved with Youth Development

Execute or Co-create a Youth Development Program

We welcome opportunities to work with partners to to share, combine and maximize expertise and contributions to address youth development challenges across Africa. We will bring to bare our inclusive range of knowledge, talent and imagination as well as our assets, experiences and network to enable goals that stimulate positive social change.

If you are looking for ideas, various possible youth development program models you could create include:

  • Capacity building events (Skills and/or entrepreneurship) – Direct training or Train the trainer events.
  • Hosting of hackathons & competitions
  • Grant funding for small businesses or social impact work
  • Sponsor an Award
  • Build a skill center

If you prefer to create a fully customized program, we can support you in several ways including:

We work with partners to gather, analyze and apply data and feedback in the on-going iterative process of discovery, learning and adaptation in the quest to evolve a solution that delivers impact.

For partners with existing youth development strategies and initiatives, SAEDConnect can support with the development, review and adjustment of these strategies to ensure, programs, projects and partnerships are responsive, impactful and sustainable. Throughout the process, we ensure clear, results-focused articulation of how approaches will lead to impactful outcomes

We can collaborate with you to use research evidence and local intelligence to inform the development or re-design of thoughtful and robust strategies, programs and content.

We can work with you to mobilize human, material and financial resources, build cross-sectorial expertise and collaborations to leverage resources and maximize impact, supervise, monitor and report on the execution of your youth development initiatives.

We will engage with your partners and stakeholders to develop and distribute creative messages that influence participation and spur desired action. Communication collateral we could help you create include articles, white papers, reports, case studies, testimonials, presentations and other communication tools.