Get Involved with Youth Development

Opportunities to Support Youth Development – For Corporates & Donor Agencies

Work with us to create and execute your youth focused impact programs and attain your youth development objectives across Africa. With over 1,000,000 youths in our database, SAEDConnect gives you an unrivaled opportunity to engage with a huge youth audience.

Youth Development is a prerequisite for the long-term development and growth of every nation and should be a top priority for forward thinking organizations.

  1. We can't reach the Sustainable Development Goals without investing in youth development and we don't have time to lose. By 2030, the end date for the SDGs, 18 year-olds (as at 2016) will be 32. By that age, they should be productive, civically engaged, tax-paying citizens who can support a family, if they have one. We must reach today's young people with the right support to unlock opportunity for them and future generations.
  2. Fostering youth development can drive gender equity and ultimately promote gender equality
  3. Investing in youth development is good for business.
  4. Equipping young people with new skills and opportunities can make communities safer and healthier.
  5. With access to development opportunities that augment their passion and interests, young people are powerful partners in solving problems, creating jobs, and leading change.

We invite you to leverage our resources, network and experience to execute your youth focused impact programs and attain your youth development objectives across Africa.

Ways you can Engage

We are enthusiastic about exploring and co-creating and co-executing custom youth development programs and solutions that align with your strategic business objectives. Learn more

Some ways to support include:

  • Host young people in your office space and share on-the-job tips, realities and experiences with them, as a way of broadening their minds, through our Diskover Project.
  • Host our Job Trac participants for virtual or in-person professional practical or internships during which they can contribute to substantive short-term assignments at your offices, learn about your organization and gain hands-on experience.
  • Encourage your expert staff to serve as mentors to both job seekers and small business owners
  • Hire exceptional talent from our pool of successful Job Trac program candidates.
  • Sponsor young people to attend and participate in relevant public or virtual training programs, conferences, trade shows, and events organized by your organization or any third party.
  • Provide your organization’s business products and services at low or no cost to our youth community
  • Sponsor curriculum & course manual development and improvement across a variety of topical areas.
  • Share information on grant funding your organization provides.
  • Market your organization, its products and services at our youth events, partner expos and communication materials – including the SAEDConnect eNewsletter and NYSC welcome pack given to all corps members across the country. (periodic throughout the year)
  • Provide in-kind and monetary contributions to support the operations of any of youth development programs. See available projects you can support.

We must continue to open the doors of opportunity to more young people, who are powerful allies and can be key advocates for sustainable change.


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