Get Involved with Youth Development – 2

Become a Mentor/Coach

Mentors guide people through their development process by providing insight into issues, and sharing expertise, values, skills, and perspectives

Many people find themselves in critical situations where they have to make key decisions, and they often have a lot of questions. The quality of the answers they get will determine the quality of the decisions they take.

Mentors function as catalysts, providing necessary guidance to the people as they navigate through their growth journey. We welcome individuals with vast experience across different career or entrepreneurial fields to join our mentorship program.

Our mentor program connects our audience to experts in various fields through various mentorship platforms and channels and avails them the opportunity to interact and get sound advice in a secure environment.

You can serve as a mentor in various ways including:

  • Moderating specialized online or mobile forums where you can answer questions & stir conversations
  • Participating in an “Ask-me-anything Sessions” where young people can engage with you and tap into your wisdom.
  • Speaking in mentorship events
  • Organizing Specialized Coaching sessions for interested youths
  • Other mentorship platforms that you may have.

Structured Mentorship Areas

Mentors can enlist to support across one or more of our currently available mentorship areas in career, entrepreneurship & skill development.

We have available platforms and models for mentors to immediately engage with and help young people take good decisions in the following career development areas

  • Career Path Definition
  • CV, Cover Letter and Social profile Creation
  • Job Search Preparation
  • General Interview Preparation
  • Consulting Case Interview Preparation

We have available platforms and models for mentors to immediately help people who are contemplating entrepreneurship or have already taken a plunge into entrepreneurship, to succeed in the following areas:

  • Business Model/ Business Plan Development
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Raising Business Finance
  • Business Legals

We are constantly looking for mentors who can help people start up specific small businesses. We currently have over 40 small business communities where you can meet, engage with, and answer questions from people interested in starting any of these specific businesses. Learn more about our Side Hustle Communities and Small Business Mentor Programs.

Verifiable prior experience in the particular mentorship area is the most necessary requirement to be accepted as a mentor in that area. Also, as most mentorship is done online, constant access to the internet would be very useful.

Yes, listing, as a SAEDConnect Mentor is free.

We are open to offer packages for personalized and specialized mentorships across the listed mentorship areas, in which cases; mentees would be required to pay a fee to the mentor. Please reach out to us on with your proposition.

Prospective mentees meet you through any of our available mentorship platforms. Where we have specialized or personalized requests, we match mentees with mentors that fit their requested development requirement and mentor/mentee can then agree on best mode of communication.