About SAEDConnect

About SAEDConnect

SAEDConnect exists to empower & activate Africa’s youth human Capital. We enable solutions that help young people discover their potential, develop & activate their employability & entrepreneurship capacity to create value and derive economic benefits.

Partnership With NYSC

SAEDConnect signed an MOU in 2016 with the NYSC to support as Technical partners to the NYSC SAED Program to deepen the program’s impact through a multi-faceted approach. This partnership opens us up to over 1m youths across the country (with additional 300,000+ annually) and a network of distributed resources and infrastructure for the execution of youth development initiatives.

Talk to Us

Would you like to make a suggestion or ask us a question? Or would you like to report an abuse or privacy violation on SAEDConnect.org? Reach out to us, we are eager to talk to you.