About SAEDConnect

The problem we are solving

We realize that majority of young people in school or fresh out of school are shocked into the reality of the need to raise income to survive and thrive, and the difficulty to do so, and are often not well equipped to tackle this challenge. They find that the process to get engaged in rewarding work is usually very frustrating, complicated & unpredictable. To worsen the issue, for the majority of them, there is no easily accessible structured guide or support system to see them through this phase of their lives. They resort to trial and error activities, become victims of scams and most end up under-utilizing their potential or resorting to criminal activities to survive.

Our Solution Theory

We believe that navigating the pathway from school to rewarding work either through employment or entrepreneurship is a function of having the right motivation, the latent capacity to create value and access to the tools, resources, support and opportunity to create value and get rewarded for it. To create this outcome, we believe access to 4 core interventions are key, namely;

  • Motivation & Capacity development solutions,
  • Growth support products & services,
  • Growth support tools and
  • Growth & work resources & opportunities.

More on the 4 core intervention areas below

Motivation & Capacity Development Solutions include: Growth Support Products & Services include: Integrated Growth Support Tools include: Growth & Work Resources & Opportunities include:
  • Personality strength discovery solutions
  • Inspiration solutions
  • Industry information
  • Skill development Trainings
  • Personal development Solutions
  • Guidance & Counselling
  • Mentorships
  • Incubation programs
  • Certifications
  • Career Development support (e.g CV creation, & Interview preparation)
  • Brokerage Services (education brokerage, job brokerage, partnership brokerage, etc)
  • Support Services for entrepreneurs to enable access to talent, finance, market
  • Tools to find information & support that they need
  • Tools to showcase your skill & get discovered
  • Tools to discover cost effective talent
  • Tools to interact effectively with peers, opportunity providers & mentors
  • Scholarships
  • Loans, Grants, and equity investments
  • Workspaces
  • Work tools
  • Short/long term Jobs, internships & apprenticeships either as freelance or full time.
  • Platforms to showcase your skill & get discovered

The Challenge/Gap We are tackling

We realize that while solutions in all the above identified core intervention are in the abundance nationwide, there are challenges in accessing them:

  • They are disaggregated and hard to find
  • They are not standardized. It is tough to distinguish the good solutions from the scam solutions.
  • Barriers (financial, geographical, social etc.) to access quality solutions are high
  • These solutions are sometimes not accessible in a way that is easy to receive, digest and re-use