About SAEDConnect

Partnership With the NYSC

SAEDConnect signed an MOU in 2016 with the NYSC to support as Technical partners to the NYSC SAED Program to deepen the program’s impact through a multi-faceted approach. This partnership opens us up to over 1m youths across the country (with additional 300,000+ annually) and a network of distributed resources and infrastructure for the execution of youth development initiatives.

Briefly about the SAED Program

The NYSC SAED program was created in 2012 as NYSC’s response to the youth unemployment challenge. The current focus of the SAED program, as being implemented by the NYSC, is to aggregate technical skills trainers and introduce them to corps members during the mandatory 21 day orientation camp, with the hope that they can get these corps members interested enough to pursue skill development in these areas after camp. The SAED program also makes efforts to run Job Advisory & counseling programs across the federation for interested corps members towards the end of their service year.

The Role of SAEDConnect in the NYSC SAED Program

  • Organize the SAED Program to enable partners to easily plug into the vision of the program and support it
    • We built a 5-year strategic plan for the program
    • We created a website for the program nyscsaed.com
    • We created communication materials and set up communication channels for the program (program brochure, partner brochure, videos, social media channels, etc) to enable easy 2 way communication between program promoters and relevant stakeholders.
  • Build and promote youth development solutions for the NYSC audience across stakeholder sensitization, youth capacity building, access to finance and access to market and job opportunities.
  • Source for strategic partnerships that will enable the program’s objectives and deepen its impact.
  • Build a single-window access for youth development solution partners to engage with the NYSC corps member audience nationwide.
  • Coordinate data collection of its youth development initiatives to