About SAEDConnect

Our Approach

Focus on Technology

We recognize the importance of technology as a solution enabler and utilize it to scale the reach, impact and monitoring of our efforts.

Leveraging strategic partnerships to scale impact

  • Partnership with Corporate Organizations: We partner with interested corporate organizations to build youth focused programs and impact projects, giving them access to over 1,000,000 youths spread across the country in our database.
  • Partnership with Government & Donor Agencies: We make available our resources, network and experience to support these institutions to execute youth focused impact programs and attain their youth development objectives across Nigeria.
  • Partnerships with Schools, Youth Institutions & Religious Organizations: We leverage our resources, frameworks and network to develop & execute high-impact youth development initiatives for their students and youth audience.

Community Development

We create empowerment opportunities for our youth audience across the country by partnering with employers and community development agencies to work with our audience to execute their programs and projects across the country, through our TalentSource Some of our Talent Source Initiatives include”

  • DataForce: A program that utilizes our nationwide network of youths to collect data and information across a variety of topical areas.
  • SourceGrid: A program that utilizes our nationwide network of youths to source for, or investigate the availability of specific materials/inputs in their location and report same to the requiring entity.
  • LocalPMs: A program that makes cost effective, trained talent available t to serve as contract project supervisors for partner initiatives being delivered in remote areas across the country.