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LinkedIn Page Creation / Review & Networking Coaching

Put your best foot forward with a professionally written LinkedIn Profile that positions you as a premium resource to a global audience

LinkedIn is a great platform to advertise your skills via networking. With more than 300 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is a great way to connect and be found, and many recruiters (and some employers) search LinkedIn to find relevant candidates. That said, a great LinkedIn Profile is not a replacement for a professional CV, although it might share some content. Also, a LinkedIn Profile will not network itself; you have to do this yourself!

  • LinkedIn Profile review

Our Expertly Written LinkedIn Profile will position you as a premium resource to a global audience. We know what is required and how to present you from a cup is half full perspective rather than cup is half empty, so that whoever reads your LinkedIn Profile will be immediately impressed leave with a lasting impression.

  • LinkedIn Reputation Boost Coaching

The coaching sessions will give you practical tips on how to build and sustain your brand momentum and influence how your network perceive your worth.


Linkedin Profile Creation/Optimization Coaching

Access expert Linkedin Profile Creation/Optimization Coaching on the Job Advisor Forum. We will walk you through the process of crafting a great LinkedIn profile by yourself so you are equipped to do it over and again - including how to continuously and sustainably boost your online reputation on LinkedIn.

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Linkedin Profile Review Only

Under this plan, a career expert will take time to go through your LinkedIn profile and give you customized and actionable feedback on what to do to improve on it. All review results are sent via email.

Linkedin Profile Review + Creation/Optimization

Under this plan, our expert career consultants will create or transform your existing LinkedIn profile into a befitting global resume that positions you. All review results are sent via email.


Category Review Only Profile creation/Optimization
Students and Fresh Graduates (0 - 3 years’ work experience)
Fresher, looking to showcase your academic and volunteer experience so that organisations will notice you.
N1000 N3000
Mid-Career (3 - 8 year’s work experience)
Experienced job seeker who is positioning for a lateral or middle level management/operative role.
N5,000 N10,000

Top Executive / Senior Management (8+ year’s work experience)

Executive who is positioning for management and leadership roles.

N15,000 N25,000

* A 30 mins extra Telephone Review will cost an additional N5,000

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