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Interview Coaching

Win the Job Offers You Deserve! Our Interview Preparation Coaching will transform your interview performance.

Once you get to a job interview, will you be able to beat all the other candidates and win a job offer, or will someone else steal that job offer that should have been yours? Our Interview Preparation Coaching can transform your interview performance.

Remember, you really only have one chance to get a job interview right.

The candidates who get job offers are not necessarily the most experienced or best qualified. They are the candidates who have prepared best before the interview. You can no longer just turn up unprepared, because an experienced interviewer will just destroy you.

It can be terribly difficult to prepare for an interview on your own, as it's impossible to be objective about yourself. As experienced interviewers, we have come across all the problems you face and can tell you objectively where you are going wrong and how you can vastly improve your own interview performance and win the job offers you desire.

Our Interview coaching services include:

  • Interview preparation
  • How to position yourself as the #1 candidate for a job
  • Guidance when negotiating salaries;
  • Many other customized Interview coaching services.

You can totally eliminate all fears of not getting the job with our Interview Preparation Coaching Programme. Discover how you can excel in a job interview - don't end up frustrated and struggling.

Interview Coaching Plans

Virtual Interview Preparation Coaching

Access expert Interview Preparation Coaching on the Job Advisor Forum. You will discover strategies, tips and tricks that will prepare you to showcase yourself with excellence and wow your interviewers - making them woo you for the Job.

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Dedicated Interview Coaching

Under this plan, a career expert will engage you to discover your strengths & weaknesses and give you customized feedback on what to do to get prepared for your interview.

Mock Interview Session

We can arrange a mock interview for you in a real-life organisation, to give you a feel of what you can possibly expect in an actual interview. This service is great for first time interviewees, or for those who want to test their preparedness for the actual interview before the D-day. Mock interviews will be video-recorded and feedback will be provided to you after the session.

Company Background Search Services

It helps to have a healthy amount of information about the target company to put up a good outing. Candidates who have taken the time to research the company and are armed with tailor made strategies to support the company impress interviewers.

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