Growth Support Services

Business Counselling/Mentoring

Supporting business owners to grow, improve, and achieve better results.


Business counselling can be very productive in situations where you are uncertain of the next steps to take, or in scenarios where your business is not working out as planned.

We support business owners that want to grow, improve, and achieve better results.  Counselling services are available for new entrepreneurs just starting up or for businesses that are established. We have specialists across industries in marketing & Sales, operations & administration, accounting & finance, people & performance management, and other functional business areas.

Whether you are seeking advice or a health check, or perhaps wanting assistance in taking the next big step, you will find relevant help that suits your need.

Experts in your field who will works as an advisor to help you gain an external and objective perspective of your business through rigorous analysis and provide advice and suggestions aimed at improving your business performance.

Our business counselors go beyond consulting and takes joint ownership of your entire decision making process.

Our business coaches will help you come to clarity of the challenge you might be facing and guide you through tested decision making process, ensuring you have full ownership of your decisions.

Our business mentors are normally experienced in the business area and will serve as silent pillars available to provide wisdom and guidance on your business journey when you need them.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to delve into the core of your business challenge and to support you to develop a plan of action that will guide both you and your business forward.  We are also aware of the highly confidential, and often personal, nature of the issues that business owners face and treat every engagement with utmost confidentiality.

Business counselling services are available nationwide  - via telephone, or in-person, as you may desire.